Ways of Writing a Substantial Dissertation Abstract

An abstract is a vital part of your dissertation. If you mess on this part, there is no way you will be able to get a good grade. It is the part that will make your instructor continue reading your work or leave it aside. You have to know that it is the first thing that comes 0on your paper. Avoid making the mistake of writing it last or in the middle. It is the part that gives the instructor an idea of what to expect in your work. It has to be simple and compelling so that it makes a lot of sense.

How It Should Look

You should know the types of abstracts and how each of them gets written. The descriptive one tells more about the keywords. If you have to write a descriptive abstract, you have to make sure that you do not write more than 100words. The next one, which is an informative abstract, requires you to write more. It brings out all your arguments that include the findings you get and the conclusion. It is way longer than the other one and needs to have words that do not exceed 350. Avoid jumping to start writing your abstract first, yes, it has to be written first, but you can skip that part by leaving a space.

You can handle it last so that the points you write there go together with the rest of the paper. Avoid writing more than a paragraph on your abstract. Since it is only a paragraph, you have to make sure you give it your all by making it simple and organized. Before you write it, reread your entire paper so that you do not go off-topic. You can decide to read a section and write a line or two about it. That way, you will be able to cover the whole paper in a paragraph. After you get done, join the sentences together and make sure they make sense. Read whatever you have and ask yourself if it is worth it. If it is not, go back and try again.

 If you have a compelling paragraph, make sure the words you jot do not exceed the requirements. However, interesting your abstract is, if you have a lot of words, you have to cut off and let others go. There is no need to have the best abstract and fewer marks just because of your length. Do not include other peoples’ citations in your work because it has to defend itself. If you risk and add any references, you will spoil your chance of having an excellent abstract.


There are points to put into consideration when you are writing an abstract. Try to understand that people are different, and not all will have the same idea about your abstract. To you, your work may seem perfect, but to someone else, it is trash. To avoid all those troubles, do not use any other language apart from English. Do not write anything new in your abstract. You have to do a summary of the points you have in your paper. Do not stress yourself so much because if you do enough practice, you will improve your skills. Avoid rushing to write it, and everything else will flow.