Ways of Writing a Dissertation Reviews

Many students go through a hard time in writing their literature review. It is good to know the length first before anything else. There is no way you can start writing the paper if you know anything about the structure. If you are new to writing, tackling such a script can be challenging because you do not have any experience. Here you will know more about a literature review and how to go about it.

Meaning of a Literature Review

It comes before the start of your paper and is vital. If you write your project without a literature review, count yourself unlucky. If it gets excluded from your work, it will be halfway complete. It is a summary of your writing in the field you are dealing with. It is rare for someone to read everything on a topic but a literature review requires a lot of reading. You will have to sacrifice for the sake of your paper.

Your review should cover the entire field you are dealing with and give a clear and better understanding. You should make sure that you work with articles from experts, not just anything you find. The moment you have a perfect review, your background will be top-notch, and your dissertation will also fit perfectly with your field.

What To Include in a Literature Review

You should know the relevant things to include in your review. There are vital points that you should not leave out. You have to work with the themes that authors mention and how they have gone about with them. You should make your paper objective by giving out all the necessary points. Try to compare the authors together with the views they give, and from there, you can come up with your review. Try to arrange your work by using subheadings. If you are not a fan of writing subheadings, you can try bullet points so that the writer can be able to read each point clearly without confusion.

The Length of Your Literature Review

It is about a quarter of the total dissertation you have to write. That is an enormous part that requires a lot of attention and hard work. Do not exceed the length that is required of you because you will inconvenience yourself. Try to plan on how you will write so that each section gets included in your work. If you want your work not to exceed the number of words, try jotting relevant points, and leave out the irrelevant ones.

Tips for Writing a Perfect Literature Review

  1. Questions

Do not start working on the review before thinking about the questions that you will use in your dissertation. If you have the queries ready, you will not have to waste time.

  1. Wide Search

When you want your review to be firm, you have to do a lot of searches. The more you search, the more content you get for your paper. You can go online, and there are many things you can learn from different websites.

  1. Significance Over Content

Do not try to copy things that you read in books or articles. You can use the content to make your work more effective. Try to analyze the things you read to make sure your paper does not miss a thing.