What are the five chapters of a dissertation I need to write?

College universities will provide guidelines on what chapters are required for a dissertation. It is important for students to follow this information carefully to know what details are necessary for their topic.

Basic Outline for Dissertation Chapters

An outline for your project will outline chapters required based on assignment guidelines. Each chapter will have specific details related to your topic. After understanding required chapters you should have a basic idea of what information is necessary for each section. Thus, the research and writing process should become easier. Keep in mind, the third chapter can be written differently based on what is required since there are varied options for it. Here is a generic overview of chapters as follows:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction. Details found in this chapter include thesis statement, problem, questions for research, study significance (why the study is being done), terms defined, limitations, and conclusion.
  • Chapter 2: Literature Review. Research review, description of search, concept behind the work (theory) and the introduction are details commonly found in this chapter.
  • Chapter 3: Methodology. This chapter can be written as a qualitative, quantitative, or mixed. How you write this section depends on project guidelines. Details mentioned in either option include the introduction, research design, and data analysis. A sample outline of each type of methodology is available online for further review so you can see how they differ.
  • Chapter 4: Findings. Findings related to your dissertation research will be detailed here. It includes content presented based on questions about your topic, an introduction to your findings, and a conclusion.
  • Chapter 5: This chapter can be anything including Discussion, Conclusions, or Future Research Suggestions. An introduction, findings summary, discussion, conclusion, and suggestions for additional research in the future are detailed. Again, this chapter will be structured based on guidelines or what is required for the project.

Additional Writing Tips for Your Project

To get an idea of how to present your chapters and what information is needed to produce them, study sample papers on your subject matter and use an outline throughout the writing process. Each chapter will have several points to cover but with solid research you should be able to cover them without any problems.